Why Startups Company Need IT Outsourcing Vendor

Why Startups Company Need IT Outsourcing Vendor


Every startups company want to iterate fast and much of them clueless about it. IT Outsourcing Vendor is the answer. But some of us don’t have any concept about What is IT Outsourcing Vendor. So here’s one quick interview about IT Outsourcing Vendor with Mr. Ikin Wirawan, Founder of PT.Walden Global Services, one of the largest IT services company in Indonesia

Q: What is IT Outsourcing Vendor?

A:  IT Outsourcing Vendor is a company that supplies a client with all part of Information Technology function ( third party )

Q: How  IT Outsourcing Vendor Work?

A : Usually IT Outsourcing Vendor will gather initial information on the project from the client and supply a basic estimate at first. If the first step fit the client then the IT Outsourcing Vendor start to gather as much information from the client as possible. The Vendor and the client meet internally to discuss and suggest features, additions and amendments to the client’s brief and submit a proposal document (include the budget part) to the client. If the client is agree with the proposed budget then we’ll agree contracts, produce a statement of work, and start working.

Q: Are IT Outsourcing Vendor important  for  Startups Company?

A: At seed stage, startups need a vendor if they don’t have a technical cofounder. At growth stage, startups may need a vendor to help them build more modules faster, in addition to their existing in-house team.

Q: Why Startup must hire Professional IT Outsourcing Vendor?

A : Startups need to select the right vendor, should they choose to outsource. This is because startups need to iterate fast and the written code will be maintained by many other developers in the future, and subject to review by investors


Q:How to find good IT Outsourcing Vendor?

A : Word of mouth is the best, as a friend who had good experience suggested the same vendor to you. Google search will also reveal the professionally-run agencies, along with their website look & feel.


Q: Are Indonesian IT Outsourcing Vendor Good Enough?

A : There are many popular software developer hubspots in the world. Indonesia may not be renowned yet, however many don’t know that it is the 4th most populous country with forecasted 4th largest GDP in the next few decades, so programmers with good skills are abundant. Indonesians are also known for our hospitality, so whatever we do, we do it with great customer service in mind.


We hope you enjoyed our interview with Mr. Ikin Wirawan as much as we did.  If  there’s any question you would like to know Post A Comment Below !!

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