Project Description

Talent management in the world of business nowadays, is a strategy to attract high-quality individuals from the competitor and it is not easy. The company needs to test the competencies experience, personal traits and also brain to finally get them hired. That is why the strategic approach is needed. It plays an important role for the company. Special department needs to recognize, find the source and poach the high-worth individuals. However, that is a never-ending action with continuous effort so the company has to explore and understand the concept while implement it step by step.

Biyu application is one of the tools that will help the Human Resources get the talents that meet the suitable job. It is an application to connect talents with recruiters professionally. People will easily find jobs by tapping the app to see and match the skill set or recruiters can discover the right person to hire.

Biyu Talent is trying to help people to find job that suit their talent because your talent means nothing if it is not put to work at the right place. For recruiters, they will easily find the right talent faster than ever by posting job opening, selecting the best qualified talents for the job and directly interview and hire talents online.

The interesting features the talents can find in this application are: 1.Showcase the portfolio. It means like you can show off your good portfolio to public here.
2.Browsing through to find the best job match with your skill. So, by signing up and creating the best profile you can search for jobs and apply it right away.
3.Get a chance for interview and immediately hired online.

And, the interesting features for recruiters to get the best people with the right talent easily and faster are:
1.Post jobs opening at any time you need.
2.You can select the best talents that qualified for the job.
3.You can interview and hire talents at the real time, online.

Recruiters can create job offers by signing up and create a good company profile. The company can choose and pay for a job package and make a shortlist and also chat directly with qualified applicants to get them hired immediately.