Project Description

Sports junkies are interesting and fun. They will not miss one single game hoping that the team can get a trophy that season. They even run a fantasy league with the hope that their knowledge of sports might garner them a big prize. These avid fans can be worth a goldmine to companies that target sports enthusiasts.

Sports junkies need to always be updated with the newest stats and information on their favorite teams, but of course, they also will look for the convenience of efficiency and ease of use. So, we built an app to provide their needs. Today, people using mobile more than ever and the sports organizations will have to invest in mobile technology to gain the benefits of converting the rabid sports fan into a rabid customer.

Our client, Etecture, asked us to build the sports mobile engagement. This is an application particularly built for ice hockey team fans Kölner Haie from Germany. In this app, fans can get information about complete match schedule per season, check the real-time score and read match report commentary. However, this app doesn’t have a live streaming feature.

With the new Haie app, we want to give our fans all the information about the team, the games, and the league always up to date. Schedule, statistics, player portraits or current news. But not only that: the Liveticker keeps the KEC community at home and away matches up to date. In the new prediction game, Haie fans can tap on the results every matchday and ascend to Super Hai.

Kolner Haie helps their fans keep up with the score on the go, plus the best in-depth commentary and players’ statistical information all in a single click. Sports marketers can reach their fan base by creating an app that provides some service to their most loyal sports fans. Not only numerous opportunities could be engaged with their app users, but also numerous points and ways to collect information about their habits. Sports junkies rely on apps when they’re on the go, and in this fast-paced digital era, they’ll be frequent users of apps that offer utility.

The new Haie app is now available free of charge on the Google Play Store. Here are the most important features at a glance:

- News - Liveticker - Team - Player portraits - Schedule - Table - Statistics - Overview of upcoming games and last games - Voting function - Share a picture: With a few clicks your message with photo at KEC-Heimspielen on the Videowürfel the LANXESS arena! - Twitter news from the shark account - Videos from the shark youtube account - User profile with login via email or Facebook account - Ticketcenter and shark fan shop - Feedback