Project Description

Payment gateway is something that people need. Today, people almost think that currencies are irrelevant to e-commerce business. It is just because one simple reason: almost every business transaction can be done and usually is, electronic. For a business person who travels a lot it was such a waste of time to change currency in every city while you were in a hassle. Now, hotel bookings, need credit cards with currency preference you want. Even the smallest cafe accept cards too. It is a matter of practical actually.

Unless if someone lived in a very remote area or on a deserted desert somewhere. They probably won’t need to know that online transactions are coming, big one. The transaction volume via online is now expected to hit 10 percent retail sales globally. This fact showed that there will be more consumers and businesses to use the advantage of e-payment systems when conducting online commerce. A business person would aware that with the right payment partner, their business can quickly scale and expand to the international market. Moreover, customers can finish their transactions instantaneously from anywhere in the world.

To operate a business, you have to pick the best suitable payment types for it.

A cashless e-payment service that provides a quick way to complete transactions order without fumbling for a spare change is really needed. And, business is dynamic. It is constantly evolved to meet market demand. For now, you should find a relevant payment method, which is suitable for your business.

Why people chose certain payment types to complete their transactions today? They said, familiarity is one of the reason, but the importance of simplicity and security also become the key. It will be more interesting when a payment method has discounts and rewards schemes for their customers. It will be a good choice rather than choosing a credit card with fewer benefits.

We worked with a UK company to create interesting technology feature Worldpay. It’s a payment gateway to support UK merchants, enabling user stores credit card information in the gateway to be charged at the later time. We chose Worldpay because it enables the user to set up a merchant account which difficult to approve. Although Worldpay does not have a good API guidelines and interface compared to Paypal but it is easier to set up. Now, user’s credit card information can be safely charged later in Worldpay.