Project Description

HarukaEdu is a new solution to an affordable, accessible and higher education in Indonesia. It empowers Indonesian universities and training providers to offer quality online degree and training programs. There are a variety of challenging projects people can join to improve the quality of education that will impact millions of students in Indonesia.

HarukaEdu was designed to foster collaboration, creativity, healthiness and happiness for millions of students in Indonesia in an efficient and effective online learning environment. We took part in this great work by building a good web and mobile application by using proper technologies, such as Firebase, Google Cloud Storage, Youtube API, SoundCloud API, and also Espresso.

The difference between HarukaEdu with other educational companies is that they design and develop the solution based on the local needs and requirements to overcome the challenges. Since the higher education in Indonesia is highly regulated, they benchmarking the products to be developed by lean startups to ensure the transfer of high quality solutions appropriate with international pratices to the society.

The interesting part of HarukaEdu is that they have a social networking too. This might be the important key since it facilitates a healthy interaction between students and their professors. There are variety of methods to encourage a better learning experience where students can do self-study through an online or on-the-go courses. The materials are also easy downloadable.

Here are the benefits of online learning that might worth your consideration:

1. You can reach a wide broad of audience, just at the touch of your finger, a single click only. 2. Learning message should be consistent and all users receive the same information in the same format. 3. It increases knowledge retention. 4. It s updated fast to cope with the newest thinking of the subjects. 5. It saves money because there is no need to hire a venue or travel expenses. 6. E-learning is a more dynamic learning experience than a paper-based learning system. Users will have variety of interactive experiences and also easy access to library all in one place. 7. The learning progress is track-able and recorded. 8. Users will enjoy the luxury of learning where and whenever they want at their own pace.