Project Description

In order to reduce the burden of cost by making endless piles of printed catalogues, our client from Norway had such a great idea to make an application which can help sales representatives to switch from paper printed media, brochures, and any type of booklets into a single handy iPad based catalogue. This app does not only serve as a catalogue, but also acts as a multimedia display window by showing prospective customers with detailed description complete with illustration, images, slideshows and even videos of each product. Equipped with profile management, sales person may preload more than one catologue tailored for specific customer. This profile can be quickly switched and allowing him to offer particular product to targeted client, such as sport footwear to athlete in one occasion and then formal high heels to office woman in the next meeting. Group of products can be presented in several manners, i.e. interactive multimedia, slide show, as well as video clip compilation. We have known youtube as the provider of high quality video with high-speed bandwidth service, we use its service to send those motion picture down from the cloud to our mobile devices within high stream. We also use JSON as the standard for lightweight web service communication, that offers customizable data format with efficient CPU power consumption on the mobile devices. Built in one the latest iOS version, this app is more stable and powerful. The application itself employs up to 10 threads, which can simultaneously ensure faster multimedia contents download time but still conserving efficient battery life. No internet connection? That’s not an issue at all since the app runs even without internet connection, and the presentation will still be just as interactive due to the fact that all data is stored locally. No more worries about having to reprint catalogues or misprinting catalogues; if there are new products coming out, all you need to do is update the products in the web app. The changes will be pushed to each and every single device that the customer has. It’s so simple, isn’t it? This iPad application is an amazingly easy way for sales and marketing jobs, such cutting edge technology!   Technical Specification :   Business Issue : To enhance sales and marketing experience by providing a new visual and technology appeal. Business Solution : Display and catalog function in an iPad application employing its full multimedia advantages. Benefits : No more catalog misprint and leftovers, easily updated and shared to the customers. Lesson Learned : Easy to carry and highly interactive, catalog automation will also be much more attractive in presentations.