Project Description

If you ever heard of health portal app, Vitality and wellness is the one you seek. Getting a healthy life and stay motivated to make healthy choices is a good thing. It is an effort that every individual should have. Living life with good health is not only about doing an exercise or having a diet. It is about the will to start and maintain good habits. Everyone should realize that maybe some of the habits affects the wellness and vitality. People should learn how to have a good sleep pattern, find the best way to manage stress and keep a good relation with people around. Small changes, believe it or not, can add up a reward, a long-term healthy life.

Smartphones have conquered the interest to go to the gym or going out for a hike or run with friends. This situation happens with some reasons. People can easily look for any information about nutrition or diet to take in from the internet, so they sometimes forget the habit of daily exercise. Sometimes, they are also being daunted by the overwhelming process of exercise. That is why many people look for a health portal to help them measure up their health.

Seems like technology and apps today understand people’s need very well. Developers are so imaginative. They build an app or a site on how people can take care of their health. With simple steps, an app encourages people to change their healthy lifestyle to a better one.

Some interesting features we have built in this social networking-based web app are:
1. Status updates
2. Messaging system
3. Personal blog
4. Friends invitation
5. Group discussion
6. Video recording and share it in social media to motivate friends doing the same thing

This site serves as a health and wellness portal for business, individuals, and health practitioners. So, we added some interesting features in this application such as video conversion using Nirvanix, but later changed to ffmpeg, background processing using Workling - particularly when transcoding the video files to flv, and integrating session login with PhpBB forum.

The most important are to keep being motivated and trying hard to have a better lifestyle. It is difficult to hassle on counting calories, choosing healthy food and going to the gym on a regular basis with the demands of work and other obstacles altogether at the same time. It is time to use technology and because it will make your daily life simpler.