Project Description

The development began in 2014 when our client, PT Medictrust, asked us to develop an application to keep user’s digital medical record so they can share it with doctors or hospitals. The purpose of this app is to make it easier for medical staff to comprehend patient condition by analysing their medical record.

The interesting features built in this app are offline access, where android user can use the app without connected to internet, but it is in read-only format. User can also have fun with filtering feature where they can quickly access their medical record by using filtering search. And for iOS user, they can share their medical record by email or directly download the summary of health in pdf format and by email. User may record health notes in to this app so doctor would know what has happened to our body for a several weeks earlier.

For iOS user, they can share the medical record with doctors by email, or user can directly download the summary of medical record into PDF or email. Not only that, user can take notes of his health condition in several weeks earlier in this app. This application should fit with user who has hard disease since they can tracking down their condition with statistic in the application. The best thing out from this app is that user can consult their health condition with affiliated Medictrust doctors by medhub feature to get a second opinion on their health.

Some interesting technologies we use are:

Android : medictrust uses many libraries such as parse push notfication, google location, database ormlite, retrovit (for API connection), Glide (for image loader), facebook API (for login and get user status), and acra (a crash reporting tool).

iOS: we use parse (push notification), core data (database), core location, ocr (for record reading), objective c (for programming language), facebook (login).

We use Ruby on Rails for API, push notification and mysql database.

We believe that your medical records influence your life on many levels, from managing your dietary intake, vitamins, and prescription, to keeping track of your medical conditions, vaccinations, and other procedures. MedicTrust provides you with a personalized health management tool that is secure, easy-to-use, and most importantly, life-empowering.