Project Description

The Experience Hub is a project where users can log in easily to the hub. With Golang on backend, users can listen to a song or watching video clip online. In the future we are going to develop some interesting features such as concert/event ticket online sale, game, travel ticket and many more.

Google developed a new computer programming language named Go in 2007 and introduced it to the public in 2009. Go eschews many features of other modern languages, such as method and operator overloading, pointer arithmetic and type inheritance. Go can be used everywhere since it is general-purpose just like Java and Phyton. It is said that no programming language is the future but for Go, it absolutely has a future!

We used Golang for one of our projects because it is the right tool for the job at hand. It’s simplicity, speed, concurrency and high performance was a better fit with the project. Maybe it is not as popular as any other languages but our reason was simply because we used to get a quality product with a neat secure node.

One thing for sure is that Golang is open-source but it is backed up by a large corporation. Go can be used for the development of various kinds of software which starting with cloud and systems programming, and also game server development. Not only Golang is fast, but also it is considered as a modern language

Due to the modern world today, so the projects were also born with modern tasks. And modern tasks require modern solutions in a simple way. Our latest projects, The Experience Hub, is built by using Golang because it has many processes to be carried out at the same time. Golang makes it possible for the backend development. The ultimate thing about Golang is because it is safe. The language requires a developer to give much attention to deal with errors because of the strict compiler, and that will lead to a secure code.

Here are some features we built for The Experience Hub:

1. Some role to be assigned to users 2. Users 3. Menu 4. Banner, with images upload to the server 5. Genre, importing genre from each third party 6. Video category, with category import from Youtube 7. Page static page accessible for users 8. Mood, with mapping to related genres 9. News, users can look for data related to music. It is imported automatically through cronjob 10. Entertainment needs, users can see products data that has been imported through xml 11. Log, you can see user and admin activities here, and also the statistic of play based on certain music provider 12. Channel, it is built for forum feature that will be available in frontend 13. Package, a subscription package 14. Playlist, managing playlist created by users 15. Authentication feature and users statistic in the dashboard