Project Description

Everyone today can do just about anything only on the phone. All the routines, daily task, exercise reminder or even people can choose what they like for investments. Some apps are made to make people’s life easier. So, no matter what kind of investor you are, whether you are a beginner or advanced, looking for an index or stocks, you can find it in an app. An application will help you execute strategies right from the point of your finger. Even if you do not have a strategy at all, an app will help you create one.

This is an ongoing site project where investors can find enough information about funding and options for good stocks for investment. It offers financial tools and advice to help people understand their options and make the best possible decisions. The guidance in the app should provide a deeply researched, objective and independent suggestions.

The features you can find in the app:

Fintech app gives you interesting features such as interactive graphics, news, company management team, discussion group and also portfolio. The site is built by our fine developers with the current technology as follows:

Web Server Apache

Database MongoDB

Cloud Service Amazon EC2

Programming Language PHP

Framework Laravel 5.3

Frontend – Jquery

Twitter Bootstrap



Code Collaboration & Version Control: Github

JS Build Tools / JS Task Runners: Gulp.

Now, if you want to start investing you can make your own trades with a user-friendly investing app. This app is a kind of do-it-yourself model where all you need is a wifi and a bank account to start playing the stock market from the comfort of your phone.

A beginner might not know how to play the market wisely. However, they sometimes understand how the stock market works. And now the task is even easier. Special apps are designed for novice investors with a simple technology and comprehensive features. People will not get confused again since the app can help them comparing fees, giving suggestions, analyzing mutual funds and aggregate net worth or even the track cash flow.