Project Description

We are now living in a world of customers. People are so connected to everything these days, from their plate to our own bodies to even find the best fishing spot! Share Good Foods is a wholesale food company creating delicious sandwiches, panini, salads, grab-and-go snacks and baked goods people in the surrounding area.

The site is an online food wholesale. The site provides guests a better selection of food items with higher quality than any other vendors. We helped a client from Singapore set up interesting features for this app such as user nearest online location, get connected with other users and wish list cart. We also put recommended feature for tenants and landlords where every recommendation has a different badge. We use Ruby on Rails and Mysql technology for the application.

Fresh Good Foods decided to meet the challenge by creating their own quality fresh food items that people would enjoy sharing with one another.  They knew they could give our customers great food quickly if they prepared everything fresh daily for the customers to see in their display case while keeping their coffee shop mentality of delivering hand crafted goodness in 5 minutes or less.

Today, a customer is really a king. Business put customer experience to their top of the list. How an emotional journey of a customer will bring the best satisfaction. The smartphone is the top reason people spent a lot of time looking at the tiny screen they hold in their hands more often than looking at the television screens in the living room.

So an app is not just for fun. People who follow the trend will see that business strategy involves more than just a common site. An app will effectively support the growth of business, with customers in particular. People will notice that almost every business they interact with in everyday life has their own app. When people see a coffee shop in the corner of the street, they will then find out that they also have their own mobile app. so, taking the marketing strategy to the next level is very important.

These are some benefits when a food business has a mobile-friendly site and a mobile-ordering application:
1. Customers have more time to view the menu without being rushed or having a pressure to make a quick decision. The add ons menu such as snacks, dessert, up size portion or extra topping has proved to have a good result. The order increased to 20 percent when customers order food via a mobile app.
2. An app will reduce the queue line. People can make an order without going out and the merchant can reduce their staffing cost and avoid errors through online ordering.
3. Customers can interact with the business in the way they like. They choose what they like.

So, would you like to integrate a simple beautiful mobile app for your food business? Since mobile app definitely, can boost the sales of your food business. Customers will be interested and curious to experience the menu you offer and serve with a lot of amazing facilities. Not only you can boost the sales, a mobile app will also help you to save a lot of time and even double your money. Don't hesitate to contact us for a top-notch application for your business. Build your first app or you hardly catch the business train.