Project Description

The food marketplace application was made based on a social concern which can broaden the improvement in food service management. How to make use of too much food from every restaurants, caterers, or cafe? It can not be thrown away just like that. So, the idea to share these excess meals to costumers with a discount was a great one. Restaurants will get the flexibility to instantly sell their excess meals at a price that still allows them to make money or at least reach the break even point.

Restaurants can also sell products that were not on their menu list. The bottom line was that they can create opportunities to earn extra revenue with a simple way. The application was attractive to a hospitality sector which was struggling with a relatively high cost of labor. For the consumers, it was also interesting since they can get lowest-cost ready-meal easily with a rational budget. The value of the meals will be perfect for students, travelers and also family.

A marketplace offers a broader variety of choices of food products with lower prices than a regular online store. To participate in an online marketplace means having a chance to a rapid growth of a food business. However, a marketplace facilitates the transaction and takes no part in it. An owner of the marketplace will only need a few staffs to maintain the platform at the certain level of use. An online marketplace surely has the capability to grow faster than any other types of businesses, since it puts products in front of many potential customers that stimulates a high traffic on the site.

We accomplished our work for a client from Australia by building an online food marketplace app. The food industry means a sustainable long-term success. The reason is when a customer made a purchase, the owner of a marketplace will get all customer’s personal information so it is easier to map the target and market of new customers in the future.

Tuckerbox sells excess meals for a good price for everyone in the area. Here what we have done for this great app.
1. The app was built with an android and iOs technology supported by objective-c and java android
2. Incoming messages or information associated with the app will come out from a library called Parse with its push notification technology.
3. Ruby on Rails (RoR) is used for the back-end technology.
4. One of the interesting parts is a chat feature by using library quick box technology.