Project Description

E-commerce has become a popular subject and profitable because of rather than spending too much time at the shopping mall, people now can get instant personal stylist right at their fingertips on the screen of their smartphones. A website is no more limited to games and utility only. However, the mobile website has become an important tool for marketing to create fashion awareness.

Technology today develops so quickly and gives you many benefits harnessing your ideas in fashion. The mobile website also helps you personalizing your marketing strategy to particular customers, strengthen the communication between boutique owners with the customers, and it also can stimulate more profitable dealings and exchanges. That is why you should make your online boutique website for your fashion store.

Technology and market demand

It seems like fashion technology is helping customers become more demanding than before. Because shoppers are likely to use the website and app more and more. They even become more responsive to any promotions that pushed through their phone. That is why you should build a website for your boutique store.

Gee Eight as a founder of Distro Boutique Community (Boudist) has started the business in 2004 which has offered the girls a special design to make them looked more fashionable. Some of the public figures in the country have been chosen this online store as a reference of the fashion style. The site completed with some interesting features as follows: enough information from the fashion industry, company profile, site map from the offline store, how to shop, how to pay and gallery.

We helped Gee-Eight, a popular boutique in Bandung to build an online store from the scratch offering their unique and limited edition collection. Following the client’s request we built it in cake PHP not RoR with specialties as follows:

1.    Multi-privileges for a normal buyer and whole seller
2.    Multiple levels of discounts for the whole seller
3.    Product preview page with color and fabric selector, recommended items
4.    Connected the online store to their own warehouse database, which is executed by our custom sync data application