Project Description

Kolegial is a web based social networking and communication facilitation among Indonesian medical doctors. The doctors can have a wide discussion between doctors in different location to get to know each other better. Kolegial will expand the collection of doctors who will advise users to other fellow doctor, regardless of whether or not he or she knows the previous one before. We assisted this site from the scratch with all the features available.

In Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Language Reference Dictionary), KOLEGIAL is defined as marked by camaraderie among colleagues or having close relationships as colleagues. The initiators of KOLEGIAL are people who know, or even experience directly, stark difference of medical service quality between large cities (especially Jakarta) and other regions in Indonesia. The difference could be due to lack of medical doctors, equipment, as well as experience, knowledge, and expertise of the medical professionals. With KOLEGIAL, Indonesian medical doctors can communicate to each other and exchange ideas on medical topics, especially related to patients’ cases faced, with fellow medical doctors wherever they are.

Medical doctors who have specific experience, knowledge, and expertise can play an important role in helping a patient even if they do not physically attend to the patient. They can share their specific experience, knowledge, and expertise to medical doctors who attend to the patient using Consult and vConsult features available in KOLEGIAL.

Through the discussions, patients in small cities and in villages who have limited access to proper medical knowledge and expertise can then have a better chance of benefiting from them. Distribution of clinical experience and discovery, which previously were time consuming and expensive, can be expedited and made more cost efficient by using KOLEGIAL, a doctor social networking application.

Members of KOLEGIAL are general practitioners, specialists, dentists, and dental specialists. KOLEGIAL will use various methods to verify that only registered medical doctors can become members of KOLEGIAL. Someone who is not a medical doctor might become an observer who will have limited access to the site.

Here are some interesting features we have built in this web app:

1. Consult – Members can consult and get input from doctors in their network when they are unsure about certain patient conditions

2. Case Discussion – Members can discuss interesting cases in an open forum

3. vConsult – To get immediate responses, members can have initiate video conference consultation sessions with either with doctors in their network in a private conference room or with any members in a public conference room

Since medical science is very dinamic, medical doctors are required to continually follow the latest development of medical knowledge. Combination between slow distribution of such information, media used to distribute, as well as demanding schedule of most medical doctors make it more challenging for them to continuously follow medical science’s latest development. In KOLEGIAL, medical doctors have a centralized medium to distribute such new information.

As a doctor social networking application, KOLEGIAL chooses to become medium of interaction exclusively for Indonesian medical doctors. KOLEGIAL will use various methods to verify that only registered medical doctors can become members of KOLEGIAL. We do this to ensure confidentiality and confidence among members in discussing medical topics.