Project Description

Shopping today is easier than ever for everyone. We are not just talking about being able to shop in comfort from home but also to get more benefit from the phone number we use every day. Telecommunication providers are racing to attract customers by offering discounts from many merchants which collaborate with them through a discount app.

People can check the latest prices a variety of products in multiple catalogs. Customers can also compare prices one to another, check on special promotions, discounts, read reviews and find the lowest prices on the smartphone. It’s that easy

Well, shopping today is about saving time, trips and money. Everyone can go through the grocery list quick and easy. Mobile apps make it much easier when it comes to the products you love. Coupons and discounts are still the favourites. Telkomsel is one of the telecommunication providers who offer a large variety of discounts with many participating merchants.

DiscOnHolic is an android app which offering interesting discounts information from many merchants collaborating with Telkomsel. Customers can get discounts in certain merchants by only exchange points. Users can easily find Telkomsel merchants at the nearest location with their place. There is no need to worry, customers will not get lost since the app is connected with the Google Maps to direct customers get to the merchant location they want. Once they get there, they can easily redeem their points with the available menu.

We built an app for our client by using interesting technology such as:
iOs Objective-C
Java Android
Ruby on Rails to build the fine front-end and back-end
AWS for server production architecture
Mysql for the database.

And here are the interesting features you can find from the app:

Choose redeem type, type a city and keyword

Registration button for signing up

Login button where you can get inside the app easy

Program, where customers can find interesting promotions