Project Description

Our client asked us to develop a unique site creating digital wedding invitations for brides and grooms. The couple can easily creating and customizing online wedding invitation including the guest list or RSVP list. Not only just that, the site also provides tools to create wedding website where the bride and groom can present their friends and family in it.

In this site, user can choose available designs, use help from the designer, or upload their own designs. All of this can be done through simple steps. Invitees can directly reply the invitation and connect to the RSVP list from the bride and groom. We use CSV to enable exporting file on the important option as mentioned. User can do all of the options by registering as a member and using paypal to process the payment.

We build a unique and interesting digital invitation in this site that is why we use Flash and HTML so user can put all their creativity to make a nice digital wedding invitation. Flash and HTML help user to generate dimension of the invitation and become interactive. We use Fontface through CSS3 for the fonts on invitation and convert it into images to ensure its compatibility on any browser.

User can take advantage to use our feature in this site, The Guestbook. Since this feature is a digital form, we completed the site with Defensio utilizer to avoid SPAM and make sure all entry are valid.

We currently continue on developing Glosite, which we hope this site could be more accessible via any browser including iPhone and iPad. All the flash features will be replaced with HTML5 canvas to create the best compatible viewing option for user.

Here are the benefits of using digital service to create wedding invitation:

1. Digital invitation is cheaper, easy and quickly created and circulated.

2. Guests can respond immediately so you can start catering for the number of guests who have responded.

3. Guests have the privilege to see the guest list.

4. People can make changes easily to the event such as dress code, timing, or location.

5. Since guests can see the guest list they can chat to one another discussing about going to the event, which guests allow the car lift or more.

6. It is an environment friendly invitation.