Project Description

There are some reasons why people hit the gym. Some of them want to get fit, some people want to build muscles and have a great body. Some of them want to lose weight and some people go to the gym due to health reasons and raise a better metabolism system. Sticking to a regular exercise schedule can be very challenging. Therefore, to find someone to support the motivation is really helpful. A nearest gym is needed.

There is a way to double up the chance for fitness success. Not only you will get a new technique to make exercise more fun, not only you can create spaces and time in a busy schedule for workout, but also you will be motivated more to go through a plateau. You can find it all in a gym.

Find the best gym near you with Goodgym

So, when finally you decided to start a fitness program you can look out for the perfect gym to join near your surrounding easily. A gym would help keep you motivated and offer you the social aspect of working out. You don't receive something like that while exercising alone at home. Regardless of the circumstances there are some key factors you should take into consideration when looking for a new fitness home.

So, we assisted our client to create a useful crowdsourced site to help users find their best gym from Facebook platform. Goodgym is the world’s largest fitness network with over 110,000 gym locations with thousands of searchable profiles.

Users can utilize their Facebook to find the best gym place in any gym in the world and get a good gym to work out regardless of where they are. The technology implemented in this site are:

Ruby on Rails 2.1.5 and 4.1

PostgreSQL and Google API.

Goodgym is optimized for mobile devices.